Quest Games & Thrift History

Quest Games & Thrift would like to invite you to join us on the grandest quest ever journeyed. Whether it be fighting skeletons in a dungeon, dueling planeswalkers, having Pokemon duels, Hearthstone encounters, or playing some board games, we want you to feel welcomed as you enjoy your favorite past time.

We love playing games but what we love even more is sharing with others the Christian experience from a gamers' point of view. Quest Games and Thrift aims to share Christ to college students in the greater Riverside and Norco area. We focus on teaching the Word through interactive sessions as well as sharing our beliefs through the way we live our lives.

Early Beginnings

Quest Church has been around since 2007 and started out as a men's Bible study for high school students entering into college. This needed ministry kept the students very involved in studying God's Word and encouraging one another in a small group setting. This simple study and discussion of God's Word eventually outgrew the house setting. As members learned more, Quest Church had its first baptism of Joshua Cords, who now serves as deacon to the congregation. This is the moment Pastor James says we changed from being a "Bible Study" to a church.


Since then there have been 9 baptisms, a move to meeting in a building, addition of musical worship to the service, regular prayer meetings and men and women's studies, many weddings,  as well as a six 24 hour Bible reads and many topical workshop studies. It is truly a blessing to continue to see God grow Quest church in many ways that were not anticipated, and He is faithful and true.

Church Outreach

Quest Church has reached out to the community as well. Going forth and making disciples, and being a light to the darkness. Its members founded RCC Norco's Game Creation Club. It has also hosted numerous Halo, Magic the Gathering, DnD, Old School LAN, Guitar Hero, Murder Mystery, and Masquerade Events with the intent of spreading the gospel. In addition to these special events there are monthly events that occur at the store. Constantly looking for opportunities to authentically share their faith to the unreached and out cast gaming community has been Quest's consistent mission.


We are a community of nerds, gamers that God had mercy on, wanting to reach the gaming community and world at large with the gospel. God sent His Son as Messiah to redeem us sinners from the wretched state of our rebellion. He has taught us His Law of love, and our desire is to share the good news that Messiah has come, and to love God with all our heart, mind, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves.